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What we have learned from the Summit County Attorney settling with Park City schools on child abuse

We learned nothing.

OK, that’s not quite true.

For those who haven’t been following the story, kids/parents reported child abuse in Park City Schools. Multiple people from the school district allegedly didn’t report child abuse to the proper authorities. The County Attorney filed a lawsuit against the school district. The County Attorney then settled with the school district under the idea that no one could prove rape or touching of a 4-year-old’s penis, so it wasn’t a big deal. The settlement also noted that no one at the district TOLD someone to cover it up, so I guess it wasn’t a conspiracy.

I think that’s where we are.

Yet, we still seem to have cases of alleged child abuse that weren’t reported by school personnel, but that doesn’t seem to matter. The County Attorney will allegedly monitor the district for two years — so I guess we have that.

What we have learned is that the penalty for not reporting child abuse is … nothing.

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise. I am Jack’s Broken Heart.

Yet, you play the game you have to play. You are dealt the hand you are dealt. Here are my takeaways:

  • If you depend on Park City schools to do anything regarding child abuse, you are misguided.
  • If you depend on the Summit County Attorney to do anything regarding child abuse in schools, you are misguided.
  • If your child is bullied, raped, touched, etc., report it to the Summit County Sheriff’s Department or Park City Police. You can’t rely on the Park City School District. If you don’t trust Summit County because you don’t trust the County Attorney, report it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Child Help (
  • Don’t trust the schools to tell you that your child was bullied, raped, or touched. Talk with your children about the issue. You likely won’t find out any other way.
  • If bad things have happened to your child, civil lawsuits appear to be your primary option. Tens of millions of dollars of lawsuits should be able to elicit change. Of course, that doesn’t help your child that was raped.

So, that is where we are. The truth doesn’t only hurt; it sucks.

Welcome to Park City.




Shame on Margaret Olson the Summit County Attorney. Vote her out. We need someone else willing to hold bad actors accountable. Shame on the Park City School District. We need people who give a d*mn sh** about our community and our students. They can promise to train staff about reporting, but the fact that they didn’t do that every year as a matter of routine is pathetic. Excuses excuses excuses. Gildea’s lame confusion and excuses worked on Olson. That says it all right there.

These high power people protect each other faster than a Farrari outruns an 18 wheeler. What is whole thing really about anyway? A circle of friends in high places who scratch each other’s backs while drinking their $50 bottles of wine at each others parties and laugh all the way to the bank.

What is the Park City School District? A place where corruption blooms like algea in a summer silt pond. Jesus Herbert Christ. Does Park City have such a gross population of people in business and bed with each other that they care more about their precious paychecks than checks on lying sacks of s**t for leaders?

I wonder at this point in the game they all play with the lives of our students if the bond money is actually going to find its way secretly to the fund to pay for attorneys. Did you read that Jill Gildea is using the PCSD attorney to challenge the construction permit violations she clearly had no clue about? Her finger must get awfully tired of pointing every day to other people for dropping a ball that’s in her court. She’s a piece of work, a liar, and a scammer. She’s incompetent and should be fired.

Shame on the Board of whackadoos for renewing her contract agaiin. What a seedy operation if you’re looking at the top players and the county that’s supposed to hold them accountable.


Come join us in Colorado. Or put the kids on the bus to Roland Hall.

PCSD is done.

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