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Where is the emergency school board meeting?

As you are probably aware, seven Park City School District employees allegedly failed to report child abuse as required by law. This included one case where a boy’s penis was touched and two cases of rape. The Summit County District Attorney charged the school district with failure to report child abuse and stated that they came forward with charges before the investigation was done because an additional case occurred in the last week.

My question is where is the emergency school board meeting? Shouldn’t they be meeting NOW to help ensure that students are safe?

I just don’t understand. Yeah, they are in a mess. Yes, things should have been handled differently up until this point. Yes, there are legal ramifications. However, what we need right now is communication.

A problem has been identified. How are they addressing that problem? What are they doing to keep our kids safe?

That’s all I want to know.




Hopefully they’re busy getting the superintendent’s house ready to put on the market!

In all seriousness, heads are going to roll, and I think they know that, but they’re panicking. Or maybe they think they can stonewall and get away with this, like they have with their many other blunders.

A simple violinist

You ask a valid question, Park Rag. They are asking for everyone to speculate.

The board’s written statement after Margaret Olson came out with the charges might as well have been silence. It sure as *** wasn’t information. It was another word salad about how the board takes it (whatever ‘it’ is) seriously.

Saying we stand with the Superintendent might as well be saying, we don’t care, as one. With one voice, we don’t care about child abuse claims because we stand by the woman who didn’t want them to be reported. With one voice, we didn’t care enough to train anyone else on the policy and law that say it’s mandatory to report child abuse allegations. With one voice, we didn’t communicate anything to anyone and we’re fine with that. With one voice, we cover each other no matter what damage comes to students and teachers. “We’re all in this together,” right?


Some of us aren’t in this bucket of filth together.

This isn’t a harsh judgement. All of this is about people in authoritative positions they never earned and didn’t bother to train for in the district office and board. It’s a *****ng shame for innocent students and hard working teachers and staff.

I heard 17 teachers from one of our schools alone are moving on to greener pastures this summer. How many others are there? The ship is going under. Someone has to stay and bail out the water. Who stays? Who goes? Who plays the violin while the majority drown in this murky darkness?

How long is Park City going to stand for all this? How many people are holding hands with the board members and superintendent hoping and praying they make it through without consequences? There sure are a lot of people who live here and send their kids to school who really don’t care at all what happens to education. It’s alarming. If you have been a silent partner with the board and superintendent, now is the time to get the **** out of that circle and speak up for students and teachers. Make someone special in your life proud that you did the right thing.

Demand personal and professional integrity in education!

PC Mom

The school with 17 teachers leaving, would that be Trailside? Or are expecting major faculty losses at more than one school? What a clusterfuck.

Concern for students

Many Trailside teachers and staff are leaving or putting in for transfers because of leadership. The district is aware of issues but chooses to push it under the rug again.


The emergency meeting is quietly being held behind closed doors over a few bottles of wine and their over priced attorneys.
Weed the garden of the Administrators and Board. Enough is enough. Kids have lost their lives, been molested, raped, and bullied to suicide. This is the most disgraceful and pathetic district in the US. All they care is about money and power.

To PC Mom

Trailside is its own cluster-f. Ecker will suffer major losses. I would rather flip burgers than teach here. When schools in neighboring districts ask what’s up with the Park City School District, the answer has become its a dumpster fire in a pit of hot, molten lava where the snakes of Hell have decided to nest.

Concerned PC parent

I’m aware of many teachers quitting or transferring to other schools from Trailside because of the lack of leadership.


Here is their emergency meeting
From KPCW they are approving another 42 million bond on which the voters have no say because they voted themselves the authority to do so. Duped again taxpayers


Anyone who thinks this board won’t spend the bond money on law suits is dreaming or conveniently delusional. You know when you wake up from a bad dream, then fall back asleep only to pick up where you left off in that same bad dream? That’s what these board members are like. It’s that bad.

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