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Where You Can Vote Today

I’ve received two emails and one call because people showed up to a place where they’d voted in the past but polling was not taking place. Fewer locations are being used today because it’s an off year election.

We also heard a report from someone voting at Ecker Hill that the lines were long and election workers were telling people they could go to the Richens Library to vote… which of course is not a polling place this time around… ooops.

So, if you are headed out to vote today, here are your locations:

Marsac Building

Park City High School

St. Luke’s

Trailside Admin Bldg

Ecker Hill School

You can vote until 8 PM today, according to the school district.



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Julie Booth, SC Public Affairs

Thank you for posting this helpful information. Attached is a link to polling places county-wide.

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