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Who does the Park Rag endorse for Mayor?

Who does the Park Rag endorse for Park City Mayor? Absolutely no one.

Each election cycle we hope the Park Record will make the decision to stop endorsing candidates. Yet, it never comes. This year the Park Record endorses Andy Beerman for Mayor. Their reasoning:

  • For six years he has been on the City Council as it has confronted tasks like growth and affordable housing
  • He is a consensus builder and he compromises
  • He has earned endorsements of other people

If you look over Dana Williams’ tenure as Mayor, you’d see similar things. He presided and managed post-Olympic growth. He has worked with others to achieve goals. People generally think he did a good job as Mayor.

The Park Record endorsement then tries to throw a bone to Williams by saying, “Few voices are as important in Park City as that of Dana Williams. But the former three-term mayor has proven he doesn’t need to be in office to wield it.” It references his fight for the Park City trademark. Yet, the same argument can be made for Beerman, who has been successful as a City Council person. He has proven that he doesn’t need to be Mayor to make a difference.

The endorsement concludes that Williams had his time to lead and now Beerman should too.

So, we are left with justification for each candidate that is generally equal. The difference maker is that one hasn’t been mayor yet. That’s hardly a reason to vote for someone.

That leaves us wondering why the paper wants you to vote for Beerman? Is he better for advertising? Is it personal? Is it the “popular” thing to say in certain circles? Is it a gut feel?

That’s why we don’t like endorsements. The Park Rag’s opinion is that you should make up your own mind, for your own reasons. Do you like the progress that the city has been making over the past few years? Beerman’s been part of that and maybe that sways your opinion toward Beerman. Do you like how Williams stood up to Vail during the trademark issue? Maybe that sways your opinion to Williams. Do you feel that the city has tried to do a lot on transportation and affordable housing but has few results. That may sway you against Beerman. Maybe you didn’t like how Williams handled the recession and are worried how he will handle the next one. That may sway you against him.

The point is that choosing a candidate is personal and nuanced. The reason you would choose candidate x over candidate y is likely very different from the Park Record’s reasons.

That said, we like what the Park Record does with its Voter Guide. The information, in the candidates’ own voices, is helpful.

We don’t have a dog in the fight and think both candidates would be fine choices for different reasons.

Good luck making your decision.




By the way, I would prefer if the comments section didn’t devolve into “why you should vote for ___________________” . Politics are ugly and there are plenty of other places to voice that opinion. However, I’d love to hear what you think about endorsements by papers, organizations, companies, etc. Does it sway you? Does it make any difference in your decision making.

Steve Joyce

I just want everyone to VOTE!! I was disappointed at a 43% turnout for the primary when we had three great candidates and all you had to do was color in a dot and mail a letter. Still wishing we had a rule that says if you don’t have your I VOTED card, you aren’t allowed to complain.


I completely agree. I was hoping the 85%+ turnout in 2016 would carry forward. I thought ballots via mail was a no brainer.

That said, I have heard that initially the mail turnout in 2016 wasn’t going so well, so the county put extraordinary effort behind it to make it work. I’m not sure that exists right now.

So, does the city get 2,500 voters like in 2011 or 5,200 voters like in 2015… or can that be even better?

The important takeaway, I think, is that in Park City your vote does really matter. A few votes could determine the outcome.

We live in a great place for a number of reasons… this is just another example.


I couldn’t care any less about what the Park Record says. It’s all advertising.

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