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Who Steals A Sign Asking Drivers to Slow Down? Twice!

Earlier this week I wrote about how speeders had overtaken dogs as public enemy #1 in Jeremy Ranch. As part of that article I noted that one home had put up a sign in the yard asking drivers to slow down.

It appears it was stolen by… uh… I guess someone who wanted to drive over the speed limit. A few days later it was replaced with a new sign.

It was stolen again.

Normally one might chalk that up to some teenagers having “fun”, but if a sign is stolen twice, that’s probably not your average 14 year old. What will be taken next? Those turtle signs you see in every neighborhood that say “Slow down, small children playing.” It’s frankly crazy.

The issue is that speeding near that house is a really bad idea. The house sits right before a blind curve. Right down the street I’ve seen little children riding their bikes down the driveway and turn into the bike lane. Let alone, there are countless people riding bikes and walking dogs up the hill. At 25 MPH (the speed limit) you have some control around a curve. At 50 MPH… not so much.

A few months ago I wrote an article entitled, Park City Has Changed, Is It the Growth or the People?. This incident would probably point to the latter.

To the person who has had their signs stolen, I’ll be happy to pay for more for your yard. I hate stupidity. Let’s put 10 of them in your yard and borrow my neighbor’s deer camera to help catch them if they come back.

To the person who is stealing these signs, I hope it’s worth it. If something happens to someone in Jeremy Ranch due to a driver going too fast, it’s now on you. I hope you can live with that.



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