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Who Could Take Over the Whole Foods in Kimball Junction?

This morning on KPCW, Summit County Community Development Director was talking about the new Whole Foods Location on Landmark Drive. Mr Putt said to expect that snow would be moved soon, in order to start the building process. That leaves the question of, if a new Whole Foods locations is being built, what becomes of the existing Whole Foods’ location once they leave?

The current Whole Foods’ location is too cramped for something as desired as Whole Foods (that’s why they are moving). We’ve heard rumors that both Sprouts and Trader Joe’s are coming in to the location… but Whole foods owns the lease for the next few years. Would they “sub-lease” to a competitor? That’s not likely. So, I wouldn’t expect a grocer to take over their space until 2020. What could possibly take over their space?

… a book store…

Yes, you read that right. A “BOOK STORE”. Who?


Well, it’s not exactly just a book store anymore but they have plans to open 300-400 bookstores across the country in the next few years. As we move into the next decade, has said they want to get into the drone delivery business. Yet, the impediment to that is making sure that there are people who would pay extra within the radius a drone could provide service effectively. That radius appears to be about 10 miles. Could a drone flown from Kimball Junction reach most places within the greater Park City area in about 10 minutes? Yes. Could the drone launch location be serviced within an hour or two to ensure the products were available? Yes, Salt Lake is a short drive. Would the affluent within Park City pay more for same day delivery? I think so.

I have no inside knowledge on this. It just makes sense. Likewise, what makes more sense would be for Amazon to open a facility in Boyer Tech Park (next to the visitors center). Yet, no one seems to want to go into Boyer for whatever reason (either through lack of competence on Boyer’s part or something else), so I discount that option.

What does make sense would be an Amazon drone delivery option opening in the next two years in Park City. As a whole, people here have money. As a whole, people here are wiling to pay for convenience. As a whole, the marketing exposure would be huge.

Would Whole foods current location make sense in 2017 for a hybrid “Amazon Store” and drone launch point? Yep. Would it require an investment from Amazon to build a fulfillment warehouse in Salt Lake that could support the endeavor… yes. Perhaps, that’s an impediment that’s too big to tackle.

Yet, would a potential 30,000, seemingly very-affluent shoppers, combined with the Park City name, make perfect sense? Yes.

While I grant Amazon is a long-shot … It wouldn’t be surprising if Amazon was in Park City before Boyer Tech Park ever brings in a new tenant from outside the area.







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