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Why Does Park City Need Reassurances on Mountain Accord?

Today on KPCW, Park City City Council Member Andy Beerman was talking Mountain Accord. At one moment he said:

“I’m not terribly concerned about us having veto power over this… We are not ceding our land use authority to the Mountain Accord. So if Park City or Summit County decides they are opposed to something we can refuse to participate in that and it’s not going to get done to us.”

Then in the next sentence he said:

“We’ve had further reassurances, and there has been a lot of concern about this and Summit County and Park City went to the Management team of Mountain Accord which is a select members of the Mountain Accord and everyone assured us that we ultimately maintain our veto power over this.”

My question is if “land use authority” stops a tunnel from being pushed on us why did we need further assurances? If our authority over our land is rock solid and we can say “no tunnel will be drilled into Summit County or Park City” then why do we need someone to assure us?

Perhaps its because our land use authority isn’t all that rock solid. So, now we are relying on verbal assurances. That’s verbal assurances from the same people that devised the tunnel scheme in the first place.

The more I hear, the less better I feel.



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