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Why I voted for Canice Harte for Summit County Council

I have closely followed Park City politics for over a decade. In that time, there has never been a better person running for any political office in Park City or Summit County than Canice Harte. Canice is the sort of person I hope gets elected and stays around for a decade or two.

Why do I say that?

Years ago, I went to almost every Summit County Council meeting, and videotaped them. One day, Canice, as a member of the Planning Commission, showed up to tell the County Council they were wrong about their approach to Silver Creek Village. Silver Creek Village is the 1200 units being built close to Home Depot. The County Council wanted to speed up affordable housing by building 300 units of affordable housing immediately and in one area of Silver Creek Village.

Canice took issue with that. He said he grew up in affordable housing. He educated the Summit County Council on how we want to ensure that all affordable housing is spread throughout a development because that reduces the stigma of affordable housing and brings people together. He said that is what makes a successful community. That was probably eight years ago, and it has stuck with me ever since.

In the ensuing years, Canice has continued his position on the Snyderville Planning Commission. That is a thankless job but so important when we consider that the Planning Commission has such an impact on our quality of life. Land planning is probably our biggest issue in Summit County. His experience is invaluable.

As part of the Planning Commission, Canice voted against Dakota Pacific. He didn’t think the plan was workable or a benefit to our community. I think Dakota Pacific is one of the most important issues that our community is facing, and we can’t screw this up. I think Canice will take public input into account as decisions are made.

Since then, I have gotten to know Canice from “Moose on the Loose,” which is a trail running series for kids. My kids, and the hundreds of other children who run races in the summer, love it. They run 1.5 to 3 miles all around the Basin. It is the essence of what Park City often is and should be. He and Leslie Keener do a bang-up job introducing trail running to our kids.

At one of those races, I learned Canice had become an EMT. He recounted the story of helping someone on PC Hill who couldn’t make it down. Having known a few firefighters and EMTs, I know that is also a thankless job.

Overall, Canice is a good dude. More than that, he has a history of putting our community first. He is the sort of person we want. He is a local, working an average job, who has more experience than most, and who makes good decisions.

If you haven’t voted, I will encourage you to look hard at Canice Harte. I don’t think there could be a better choice for Summit County.


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