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Why Wasn’t Treasure Mountain Listed as a Site to Remediate in 2007?

We’ve been searching the Park City School District website over the past few days to see if the EPA’s report on Treasure Mountain Junior High’s (TMJH) soil was posted. As you may know, the EPA sampled the soil late last year. The School District has said the results aren’t good; therefore, the soil has to be fixed. That, and bad pipes, appear to be the justification for tearing down TMJH and rebuilding it from scratch. We’d like to see just how bad it is.

Unfortunately we haven’t found the EPA report we were looking for, but we did find something pretty interesting.

We found a Request for Proposal (RFP) document from 2007 asking for bids to fix the soil at Park City School sites. It says “After conducting a soil test on Park City School District grounds, three sites show elevated levels outside the restriction of the Park City Soil Ordinance.” Then it goes on to list the three sites that failed:

  • Park City High School (Dozier Field)
  • Park City Learning Center
  • McPolin Elementary School

Wait. Why isn’t Treasure Mountain Junior High on the list? The mining (presumably) hasn’t happened since the school was built in 1983. Shouldn’t the “deadly” lead have been found in 2007?

That leads us to one of two conclusions. Either the testing of TMJH wasn’t done properly in 2007 (or perhaps at all) or the results are being exaggerated now to support the need for a new school.

If someone is familiar with the testing in 2007, please let us know. Regardless, it should be interesting to read that report from the EPA.

Here is the 2007 RFP document




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