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Will Park City Vote For Bernie Sanders in the Next Presidential Election?

Some would say Park City is and oasis in the middle of a republican-rich Utah. Others would say it’s a swamp-infested place of Democrats in an otherwise wholesome Utah. What you can’t deny is that Park City usually leans left (the Democratic party) when voting.

This morning I was listening to Bernie Sanders, candidate for the Democratic nomination, who has overtaken Hillary Clinton in both Iowa and New Hampshire polls for president. He was again talking about his campaign against billionaires and millionaires. He was talking about shared sacrifice and said that “Yes, we will demand that millionaires and billionaires and the largest corporations in America contribute to deficit reduction as a matter of shared sacrifice.”

After I heard that, I began thinking about Park City. Yes, the area generally leans left but most of our mouths are fed by those with money…. the millionaire (and occasional billionaire). If you are in real-estate, who are buying the homes? If you are in vacation rentals, who are renting your homes? If you are Vail, who is paying $120 a lift ticket (or buying your property)? If you have a shop on Main Street, who is buying that fur hat? If you are a tax payer, who is subsidizing schools, roads, and government through second homes?

Yep, the millionaires and billionaires.

Should Bernie Sanders continue his rise, it should be an interesting election next year. Likewise, there are other people to support like Hillary Clinton. Yet, it should be interesting to see if there was a big push for this:




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john rex

Park City is the epitome of the income/wealth inequality of the US, the result of trickle up economic policies. Other than some real estate agents and a few other professionals, the rest of the working class get squeezed by increasing housing costs, longer commutes, stagnate wages, wage theft, and continually reduced benefits paid by employers – such as health insurance. All while being the entire support system for the resort based economy which caters to the .01% The resort based economy doesn’t pay a living wage to the majority it employs.

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