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Will Woodward Park City Find a Home at the Gorgoza Sledding Park?

We heard interesting speculation over the weekend. Someone asked what POWDR Corp was planning on doing with the Gorgoza sledding hill since it wasn’t part of the PCMR sale to Vail. Another person mentioned “wouldn’t that make a good home for Woodward Park City?”

Woodward Park City is the facility they were going to put at the base of PCMR that would be an action sports training center and camp for snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, BMX, etc. With Vail’s purchase it needs to find a new home.

Gorgoza makes sense on many levels. While the sledding operation seems to be busy and probably brings in a good chunk of money, this could be a lot bigger. Would it replace the sledding hill? Likely. Unless by some sheer chance they could find someone willing to sell them land adjacent to the sledding hill. Where could they ever find that? Oh yeah, the so-far-failed Discovery Core project that sits behind Weilenmann School. The developers haven’t been able to get approval to create their dream community there yet. Would they sell? Who knows. But with that property POWDR may be able to make something really special.

There are some zoning issues, as a recreation facility isn’t allowed there, but with enough lawyers those issues can sometimes be worked out … and we know POWDR has a lot of lawyers.

Right now it’s just wild speculation, but this is one of those crazy things that just makes too much sense.


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