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Yes. You’re Kid Finally Got a D in Something. Where Do You Go to Make Yourself Feel Better About Sage?

During Tuesday’s Park City School Board Meeting, there was a presentation on Sage. Sage is a new standardized student test required by the State of Utah. We’ve heard over the past few months how bad the results are going to be. Results will likely be released next week and at that time we will know more about how Park City kids fared versus other schools in the state.

It sounds like this test is based on high expectations and that most Utah schools fared pretty poorly. You can tell from statements made at both the state level and local level that this won’t be good. Damage control is well under way. The good news is that this is just another standardized test and doesn’t really indicate whether you’re little Suzie will be a brain surgeon or collect food stamps from the salaries of brain surgeons.

So, we look forward to the results next week. As the old Chinese proverb goes…”may you live in interesting times”.

To get more information, in preparation for the Sage results, look here:


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