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Was Yesterday’s Article on Craig Williams Fair?

I received a question on yesterday’s article What Craig Williams, Candidate for Summit County Council, Got Wrong Today. Essentially, the person asked whether we had written an assessment of any other candidate who had been on KPCW? They were implying that what we wrote about Craig Williams was unfair because we hadn’t written about other people.

While we have written about local politicians appearing on KPCW, I don’t believe we have written on any other candidate. We’ve heard other interviews of people running for office such a David Brickey and Robert Hilder, who are both running for County Attorney. We didn’t write anything on those people, because frankly we don’t have anything to offer. It’s not a topic we have any experience with.

In Mr. Williams case, he brought up 3 topics we are very familiar with, where we thought we could add value to the discussion. We also did go to Mr. Williams website to check his platform to see if it was consistent with what he said on the radio or perhaps whether we had misunderstood a point. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any stances on issues on his site.

That said, if anyone has a different view on positions by Mr. Williams or other candidates, please email us and we will be happy to print it as long as it follows our rules. We aren’t looking for, “I’ve know Joe for 83 years and he is a great guy”. We are sure he is. However if you want to analyze what a candidate has said or perhaps how they voted or handled themselves in office, that would serve to educate both the Park Rag and the community.

We don’t have the time, ability, or knowledge to write something on everyone running for office. So, please help us.


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