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Yet, Yet, Yet, Yet Another Reason Park City Sucks

I know you are probably sick of hearing “another reason” Park City Sucks. Yet, every time I see a new area where Vail has co-opted the Park City name, it adds to the breadth of the ramifications from their decision to use “Park City” for everything they do here.

The latest comes to us from First Tracks Online Ski Magazine. The title PARK CITY ANNOUNCES ANNUAL SPRING CONCERT SERIES LINEUP sums it up. When I began to read it, I thought the city of Park City had announced a concert series. AWESOME! Then I got to the second paragraph and it told me that Park City was the largest ski resort in North America. To the initiated, that’s the dead giveaway that we’re reading sponsored content from our friends at Vail.

As I have stated before, Vail using the name “Park City” is confusing. Now, it appears the music scene has be co-opted too. I envision at some point I’ll be reading that the “Park City School District did…” and I’ll have to stop and think, “did Vail buy a charter school?”

Not cool.


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