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Basin Rec is asking for up to a 10% increase in employee salary

I love Basin Rec. Their children’s sports programs are great. Their people are great. Their facilities are great, except for the cancerous indoor field. Today, however, let’s talk about their request for salary increases.

During today’s Summit County Council meeting, their proposed budget is requesting a 5% cost of living adjustment and up to a 5% merit increase. A potential 10% increase in salary. That’s Crazy.

I have checked with various people around the Snyderville Basin and few people are getting 5%. No one I spoke with has the potential for a 10% increase in salary unless they are self-employed.

Perhaps Basin Rec is asking for 10% in hopes they get 5%. The problem is that it makes the public begin wondering if Basin Rec is living too high on the hog.

In some ways, Basin Rec is a favored child of Summit County. Everyone wants trails. However, as I look across the Basin at fancy metal signs and piles of wood for construction, I wonder if our tax dollars are well spent. Many of us begin asking those questions when things go too far.

The potential for 10% raises is too high and it shapes my impression of the organization.


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A little context might help here (full disclosure, I work very part time for Basin Rec as their nordic ski coach, which for $17/hour is essentially a volunteer job for me). Basin is struggling to hire and retain employees because the competition is just brutal and almost everyone who works there lives in Salt Lake – so the commute has to be worth it. 2 or 3 years ago the pay was good. Now it’s not, at least as compared to opportunities elsewhere.

You might have noticed, for example, that the multimillion dollar pool is closed an awful lot. That’s because we can’t hire lifeguards. People haven’t started quitting in droves to work elsewhere yet, but they will if we don’t start paying more. That’s just the reality.

A lot of organizations (hello, school district…) in Summit County are going to be in real trouble soon if they don’t understand the new reality of compensation. It’s going to cost more to employ people going forward, and if you don’t want to do it, you’re welcome to see more closed signs on more facilities.

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