Provide Public Comment on Toll Canyon Management Plan


I will file this one under Gone But Not Forgotten. The leaders of the group CAGE (a group that fought for the environment around Park City for many years) reached out from their residence in Portland to make sure we were aware of developments related to Toll Canyon. Their thoughtful letter is worth a read: Hello Everyone, Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! Although we have moved to Portland...

A Scathing Op-ed on Envision Utah


You may have heard of Envision Utah. Their mission statement says “Envision Utah engages people to create and sustain communities that are beautiful, prosperous, healthy and neighborly for current and future residents.” I first heard of the group during KPCW’s Local News Hour. A representative from the organization has appeared a few times encouraging Parkites to take a survey...

Unintended Consequences


Earlier this month I received a flyer in the mail from Summit Water (my water provider). The top of the flyer screamed: MANDATORY WATER RESTRICTIONS I live in an area that has a water share associated with my house. Effectively I own the use of 250,000 gallons of water each year. This year I have used about 30% of that amount with a month left in the “water year.” So, it’s safe...

Should the Recycle Utah Move Out of Town?


I arrived early today to a County Council Meeting and to my delight they were discussing the Recycling Center in Park City. Recycling Center personnel were presenting on the status of the program. What was interesting is that they are looking to move out of town into the Basin. It appears that in 2005, they were told by the City that they would need to move but that hasn’t been forced on...

Recycling Glass is Now Easy


We received word from a neighbor that Recycle Utah had put up glass recycling containers in places around town. I knew that it was possible to take glass into town and recycle it, but I was too lazy I never seemed to go to that much effort. Now its easy: Here are the 4 new locations: 5053 W. Kilby Road, Park City Jeremy Ranch Park and Ride, Rasmussen Road, Park City Willow Creek Park (by tennis...

100% Renewable Sourced Energy in Utah


The Solutions Project has an interesting graphic that talks about how each state could shift to 100% renewable energy by 2050. It’s an interesting experiment to think of something so daunting and break it down into how to accomplish it and the benefits of doing so.
Here is Utah’s breakdown:


What Mountain Accord has to do With California Pistachios


One of the Mountain Accord tenants I am surprised no one is talking about relates to water. As part of the Mountain Accord, the ski resorts in the Cottonwood Canyons get more water for snowmaking. I’ve not seen documented how much extra water they are getting. I was recently reading about the California drought and how agriculture accounts for 80% of the state’s water usage but is...

3.0 Earthquake Strikes Snyderville Basin


At 11:45 AM Saturday morning a 3.0 magnitude earthquake struck our area. The US Geological Survey says the epicenter was 7 miles north of Summit Park. Many residents reported feeling the quake with one saying “that her house shook violently” and another “It was so jarring that I first thought a truck had hit the building and then I wondered, earthquake?” I hope this is an...

Park City School District Releases EPA Report on Treasure Mountain School Soil


Last fall, the EPA tested soil at Treasure Mountain Junior High School. The EPA report found that lead levels were elevated in some of the soil but that a top layer was protecting this lead from reaching the surface. The EPA says: “Given the School District’s plan to renovate, or possibly remove the School Building entirely, it would be prudent for the EPA to work with the School to manage...

We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us


A Friend of the Park Rag sent a quote that I absolutely love. I believe it describes our situation to a tee. If you like that quote, you may want to read the whole story. It seems Jackson Hole has similar, if not worse problems, than ours. The author pulls no punches and basically says that the people who use the mountains, and the recreation industry that exploits our resources...

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