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Deer Valley Season Ticket Costs 5% more this Year

I just received an email, probably like most of you, telling me that I could buy a Deer Valley lift ticket for $2085. This is up $100 (or 5%) from last year.

For reference, Vail’s Epic Pass costs $579 this year. It is up $30 from last year (5.5%).

Interesting… didn’t skier days drop last year?


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John Rex

The future of DV? What If DV doubled their season pass and daily lift ticket prices overnight, what do you think would happen? If they sold 1/2 the number of passes/tickets the total revenue would be the same. For those who paid the price their experience would be less people on the slopes, lifts, and in the lodges. Exclusivity. That is ultimately the demographic DV caters to, and this lift cost is pocket change to them. But exclusivity is highly valued. Triple the pass/daily lift tick price. More exclusivity. This process would allow DV to concentrate all of their resources catering to an ever smaller group of very wealthy people who highly value exclusivity and privacy, many who are already skiing DV. See Yellowstone Club for the model. Since DV operates on private, not USFS land they can do whatever they want.

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