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Park City Resort… The Proof Will Be in The Pudding

The proverb “The Proof is in the pudding”dates back to the 14th century but was popularized in the 1700’s, in Don Quixote, the story of a man who tilts at windmills and doesn’t see the world as it is. As I read a recent Park Record Article, Park City Deals with Operations Problems, I couldn’t help but think of the aforementioned story.

As many of us know, the past few weeks haven’t been kind to the PCMR, The Canyons, Canyons Park City. Let’s cut to the chase… Park City sucked during the last winter storm. Wait, am I talking about the resort or the city (I’m talking about the resort by the way… but I’m sure we’ll cover that lack of distinction in another column)? In today’s Park Record, Park City Chief Operating Officer Bill Rock made excuses for the resort’s performance. He basically said:

  • There was a lot of snow
  • We had to ensure everyone was safe
  • We had to break in new equipment
  • “None of the opening delays people saw were the result of a lack of staff. It was more an impact of the complexity of the mountain and the prioritization of staffing”

What we as citizens know is that people complained of 40 minute lift lines. People complained of no parking at the Park City base. People complained of traffic preventing them from getting to Canyons Village. The Park Record reports that, “He [Bill Rock] added that he believes mountain operations will run more smoothly as 2016 approaches. ‘The good news is the snowstorm has been excellent for our resort, the region and our guests,’ he said. ‘I think it’s going to be great for everyone. I think we’ve gotten through [the big challenges] and will have a great season.'”

So the question is does Mr Rock and Vail really have it figured out or is Mr Rock tilting at windmills? The good news is that we as a community will be to know the answer when the next storm hits. When the next 24 incher falls on Park City, will Vail easily support everyone who bought their $560 Epic Pass this year? Have they worked with local government to ensure traffic flows in and out seamlessly? Will their lift lines be under 10 minutes? Will they have ample parking?

Or will it be a clusterf**k like it was before Christmas?

I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst. While this year I have both my Epic Pass and my Deer Valley Locals Book, if things don’t turn around, next year will be a different story.

That Deer Valley Difference is looking better by the day.


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