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Another option to keep our community gathering spot at New Park


Yesterday I wrote about the public frustration with their inability to effect change on development around the Basin. The Park Rag received a comment from Park City City Council person Steve Joyce speaking to how the city was letting the public speak with their pocketbook on the Treasure project. After reading his comment I thought, “that really is the fairest thing the city could do.” It seems...

Summit County, Park City, local businesses, and even the Crandalls need to be aware of where this is heading


I’ve watched over the past few months as a series of events seem to be unfolding around us. A common theme is that development is happening and people feel powerless to stop it. Not only that, it seems like development is happening and the rules have changed in ways to support INCREASED development. Case in point is the Woodward at Gorgoza approval. Twenty years ago, it was approved as an outdoor...

If this press release about Deer Valley doesn’t terrify you, it should


Masquerading as a story on, we noticed a press release from Deer Valley. It appears that the NEW owner of Deer Valley, Alterra Mountain Company, has named it’s first CEO (Rusty Gregory). According to the news article press release , “Gregory will focus on establishing the newly formed Alterra Mountain Company’s culture and developing the growth, operating and guest...

Buck up Park City. It’s going to be OK.


It’s strange times in Park City. There is anger in the air. There is depression in the air. All apparently because there is no snow in the air. Around town you hear it from the locals. If it’s not a malaise brought about by lack of snow, it’s a fear that the snow is going to come in May and wreck mountain biking as well. Some people just seem sad. Others are flipping out. Case...

Treasure deal must be SIMPLE


I was reading another Park Record article on the Treasure purchase. Each time I get more confused. What exactly is it that Parkites (I mean the 84060 variety) will be voting on and paying for? Are you buying all the Treasure land ? Most of it? Some of it? Will you get all the rights to development (and thus extinguish them)? Are you paying $64 million to enable a transfer of density, where a...

Warren Miller Dies


RIP… Warren Miller. I remember first watching one of your movies in a HoliDome in Frisco, Colorado when I was about 12. You changed the world.
It will be a less interesting place without you.

One number you need to keep in your phone if you’re skiing PCMR/Canyons


Please take a minute and put this number in your phone: 435-615-1912 This is the number for Dispatch for Park City Mountain Resort. Should you, your family, or a random stranger need assistance it is the number to call while on-mountain. My wife was at Canyons earlier this week and came upon a teenager who had fallen down the side of a cliff and couldn’t move. The mother was there but could only...

No trust… No vote… No money


Thank you to the people who made their voices heard on the proposed changes to the Summit Water Distribution Company (SWDC). It appears that over 70% of people voted against changes that gave very broad power over water consumption  to SWDC and would reduce the number of board members making decisions. In my mind, this is another data point that highlights the changing ways in which...

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